Our proposal

Houses of innovation

Co-living and co-working houses where young entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Africa would live together and start their own business. Autonomous centers with access to project funding after peer review.

SenseStack tools

Every space is connected through powerful online community with access to a collective intelligence engine through the Edgeryders SenseStack online tools.

Away teams

Away teams help new houses develop. After one year of incubation, two participants from every house form an Away team which is deployed in a new location to help in setting up new houses of the network, gaining connections and experience across the Middle East and Africa in the process.

Shared blueprints

Every house starts with blueprints for activities, event organization and complete access to the Edgeryders Academy of courses. Through annual showcase and investment festivals, houses grow their networks and attract investors and public funding and become sustainable during a 3-year period.

Dense Network Social Entrepreneurship

Why dense networks?

Our theory of change is building dense networks to meet the challenges of entrepreneurship in destabilized regions. We look at networks arise and create conditions for resilient entrepreneurship.

Our proposal

A dense network of co-created entrepreneurship, a structure of autonomous physical spaces for innovation linked through a powerful online community.

SenseStack tools

Sense Stack is an innovative suite of online software developed by Edgeryders. It provides a managed discussion forum, digital ethnography tools, sensemaking network graphs, participatory budgeting and co-created project planning.

About Edgeryders

We are a company living in symbiosis with an online community of thousands of hackers, activists, radical thinkers and doers, and just normal people that want to make a difference.