Coder of tools for creative communities. Co-creator of participatory events.
Art lover. Occasional nature-dweller. Data-devouring analyst. Graph-enthusiast.
And I like to make decentralised communities tick and tock.
Born in Iceland, raised in Sweden, lived in China. Based in Stockholm.
Contact me at or on Edgeryders or Blivande.

Code and informatics

I've worked as an independent software developer since 2013, doing web development and analytics. I've also led development on and worked with multiple open source projects. My education is in biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Social innovation

Progressive social innovation and policy have been a consistent theme in my life. I work with Edgeryders, as one of the board of Directors.

Participatory culture

Participatory culture, spaces and organizations are close to my heart and I'm involved in running several such projects, most notably House Blivande in Stockholm, the Plato project for place stewardship, and the annual Borderland event.

Art and Research

I work on art projects that usually merge with research and innovation. Right now, I'm working on the collaborative writing and ethnography project Babel Between Us