Coder of tools for creative communities. Co-creator of participatory events.
Art lover. Occasional nature-dweller. Data-devouring analyst. Graph-enthusiast.
And I like to make decentralised communities tick and tock.
Born in Iceland, raised in Sweden, lived in China. Based in Stockholm.
Contact me at or on SSB.

Code and informatics

I've worked as an independent consultant since 2013, doing web development and analytics. I've also led development on and worked with multiple open source projects. My education is in biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Social innovation

Progressive social innovation and participatory politics have been a consistent theme in my life. I work with Edgeryders, and I have previously worked for the Icelandic Pirate Party.

Participatory culture

Co-created art-events, spaces and festivals are close to my heart and I'm involved in running several such projects including The Borderland and the Syntheist Node.

Nature and hiking

Hiking is something I do regularly. Some powerful experiences have been Genie Mountain in China, Höga Kusten in Sweden, Yosimite in California and Mývatn in Iceland.

Code and informatics


I've been self-employed since 2015 with my one-man company Brightbird. I work full-stack with web development, working with Node.js, Ruby on Rails and React. I also define databases and build APIs. On the analytics side I've worked on automated data flows and reports. When combining web development with analytics, I like working with Neo4j graph databases. Clients include ICA, Cineast, Aways, Goethe-Institute and Dreamler.

Technical project management

As lead for development projects, I enjoy defining requirements and iterative processes. I like working with teams to draw up road maps, release plans and strategies to overcome challenges. I've had this role in software projects for clients, in community open source projects and as project lead for a student research group in synthetic biology for the first iGEM Stockholm team, which I co-founded in 2015.


Dreams is a platform to plan co-created events. I originally led developement of Dreams for the event Urban Burn Stockholm in 2016 and continued development on it for the event The Borderland that same year, after which I adapted it to be more generally usable by other events. It was then used for Midburnerot 2016 then Midburn 2017 in Israel. Dreams is now mainly being developed by the Metaburn community and the Isreali Midburn team, and has become an international open source project.


Realities is a tool to assign roles and responsibilities that generates graphs showing what the actual dependencies and relations are between different roles. It's suitable for groups without hierarchical organisational charts. A common problem in such organisations is that it becomes difficult to understand who the stakeholders for an issue are. Realities shows you a graph of how stakeholders relate to what you are interested in, answering who you should contact if you wish to make a decision.

Social innovation


I work with Edgeryders, a company living in symbiosis with an online community of thousands of hackers, activists, radical thinkers and doers, and just normal people that want to make a difference. Our core mission is to enable collective intelligence. My focus is on entrepreneurship within the Edgeryders frame, specifically focusing on the innovative tech being developed for online ethnography.

Pirate Party Iceland

As one of four campaign managers for the 2016 Icelandic parliamentary election I planned media appearances, coordinated volunteers, worked on messaging and strategy, managed social media, oversaw advertising and communicated daily with candidates and volunteers across the country. The Pirate Party reached 14,5% in the Icelandic elections.

Participatory culture

Syntheist Node

The Syntheist Node in Stockholm is a communal space for participatory culture. It's a radical experiment in community building. We're creating a temple, a playground, a space for workshops, a space for music and a perma-burn, all at once and free for everyone. I'm on the board of the Node and responsible for the finances.

The Borderland

The Borderland is a participatory event, a collaborative community where we co-create events and gatherings as prototypes for our dreams. The purpose of The Borderland is to shorten the distance between dream and reality. It is a place where neither exist, and both exist. At the same time. I'm involved on the board, turning various nuts and bolts.